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Leak Detection Automation Technology – Worlds Fastest Single Head Leak Tester

6LD-PLUS1 replaces 6LD-B & 6LD-HP

This unit replaces our medium and high speed unit and simplifies our range and also give top end performance at a lower cost than we have been able to do previously.

The 6LD-PLUS1 has an enhanced drive and also our new Auto Tune which allows it to test up to 6,900 bph.

This rate was achieved on a 100 ml PE bottle and their may be bottles we can run faster and get the rate above 7,000 bph.

We shelved our old HP unit which was little bit faster because it was too expensive for less than 5% better performance than this new unit achieves.

In fact it is less expensive to add a second head which gives around 1.8 times greater output than it was to make the old HP model which was only about 5% better.

The 6LD-PLUS1 right up to it tops speed it easy to adjust and far easier at the top end than our old HP unit.

THe unit also is small and compact with the standard 700 mm conveyor which also has a 40 mm infeed sprocket and a 65 mm outfeed sprocket for better bottle transition.

It can also fit inside machine guards better taking up less space which is a very real consideration with machines that deliver bottles out the front and with labellers and packing tables always tend to project to far forward.

The design of our machine has been consciously changed so we do not further contribute to the space problem but inf act help gain some more space back for you.

Also for unstable bottles we can add a second level of guide rails which is independently adjustable from the bottom set.

Also all 6LD models now have an adjustable rail on the front rail so you can easily adjust the rails for different length bottles more easily than before on our machines or other brands.

To look more at the machine click here to see a photo and more specifications.