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Leak Detection Automation Technology – Worlds Fastest Single Head Leak Tester

Multi Head Leak Detectors

Multi head leak detectors – leak detectors for very high speed ( 1-8 heads ). Profile Solutions have premium multi head testers that offer higher test rates than the World’s fastest single head machine our 6LD Plus1 leak tester.

The in line multi head testers as standard now have vacuum ready conveyors with slimline design for optimum side transfer.

Multi Head in line machines are faster and in particular for bigger containers. On a 3-5L containers the test rate increase can be as high as 1.6/185 times that of a single head unit.

On smaller bottles the increase are sometimes not so great only around 1.2 on a high speed unit.


Because extra handling time is significant proportion of the test time of a small container. On slow single head machines it is a smaller proportion.

  • This is why we need samples for multi head machine projects
  • The units are in many cases faster rotary machines and some traveling head units from our competitors

The unit can be equipped with up to 8 heads. Instead of having all the limitations of working over the top of an existing bottle conveyor, they are designed to run along side an existing conveyor an use side transfer from the main conveyor for testing and then using side transfer again be transported onto the main conveyor. This allows us to control the optimum speed for stopping and starting of the conveyor for testing and handling.

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