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New Software Upgrades

During the last 6 months we have made software upgrades that are now standard on all machines and can be retrofitted to all ‘gen2′ controllers. 1. Conveyor Acceleration And Deceleration Control Now you not only can control the speed but also the accel and decel of the conveyor so that unstable bottles can be tested at the fasted rate. Generally The conveyor is set to the highest speed where the bottle...
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6LD-PLUS1 replaces 6LD-B & 6LD-HP

This unit replaces our medium and high speed unit and simplifies our range and also give top end performance at a lower cost than we have been able to do previously. The 6LD-PLUS1 has an enhanced drive and also our new Auto Tune which allows it to test up to 6,900 bph. This rate was achieved on a 100 ml PE bottle and their may be bottles we can run faster and get the rate above 7,000 bph. We shelved our old...
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New Fast Box Diverter

The box diverter separates tested product into 2 boxes. We originally made this to go with our budget machine which has a top rate of 3000 BPH, but we have tested this with some small bottles in conveyor only mode and it has successfully worked at a rate of over 9000 BPH on a small 30ml slightly oval hotel guest bottle, so it can also be used with our faster models too. In the near future we will try and find...
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