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Plastimagen, Mexico City 22-26/3/2010, Stand 800, Tecnipet

Profile Solutions will have a 2LD with self test at the upcoming Plastimagen Exhibition in Mexico City.  We are on stand 800 which is listed under the name of our local agent Tecnipet.

Thomas Mitchell the M.D.  of Profile Solutions will be in attendance as will our agents Francisco Ollervides and Beatriz Uribe.  The 2LD has our self test option we developed many years that does not waste bottles when it does the self test.  So no more using syringes and pins on lines to check bottles use the self test system which has finer hole and can also work automatically at a preset count. We would be pleased to explain its other advantages.

Mexico and in fact other parts of central and South America have been a good market for us in the last 18 months as clients have discovered our consistent reliable technology.