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Making Test Holes

Often when people drill a test hole in bottle the hole turns out smaller than the drill due to flexure in the bottle and also from swarf.

It is best to ream holes with a strong wire to ensure you have a hole the size you thought you were drilling. Also on holes 8 thou size in bottles need to be reamed very regularly as they easily get blocked up.

We use 7, 11 and 14 thou NORDSON glue gun priming wires.


Also often melting a hole gives you are larger size and the glue guns wires help you work out the true size, you think your machine is finding smaller holes than it really.

NORDSON also have a little chuck to hold the wire which is around USD 12-00 and is really worth the cost as it supports the wires very well.

NORDSON is a multi-national supplier of gluing system with offices all around the world, so these wires should be easy to get.