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Leak Detection Automation Technology – Worlds Fastest Single Head Leak Tester

Worlds Fastest
Single Head Leak Tester

This machine with 1 head & a vacuum conveyor replaced a 12 head tester from a leading european supplier & was only 40% of the cost.

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Profile Solutions is an Australian company building Leak Detectors and Automation equipment for the Global market. 60% of all current production is shipped to over twenty countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We ar constantly on the leading edge of Leak detection and have been responsible for … » Read More Profile Solutions offer leading edge Leak testing & Automation Solutions. Machines include 2LD Entry Level Model4LD Medium Speed Model6LD Flagship MachineMulti Head Testers Linear Inline30LD Drum TesterLarge Drum TesterTravelling Multi Head TestersTechnical Part Testers» Read More How small a hole can we find? The answer to this is how much test time do we have available. On the 1 litre oil bottle shown in the table on the high speed machine the test time is around 0.45-0.5 seconds, with a pressure drop of around 0.15 Kpa by 2 seconds the pressure drop is > 0.4 Kpa. Thus if you have the time …» Read More[/intlink

NEW Wheel Spacer machine almost ready.

Profile Solutions will be shortly testing its new 7 head wheel spacer machine on a  240 ml bottle and we expect to be able to find a 7 thou in hole at rate of 28,000 – 32,000 per hour

This machine is lot less expesnive than a rotary to the same job that would have 14-20 heads.

So if you are about to buy a medium size rotary hold off a little longer and conserve your capital. We can also test larger bottles too, on this format.